Working for B&H

A Career in the B&H Group

The Bertschat & Hundertmark Group supports well-known companies in the area of HR Management. With our experts, our know-how and our IT-supported practises, we develop models and solutions to ensure that transformation processes are carried out fairly and sustainably – for both the employer and employee.

Our HR policies are similarly designed. Our objectives are to expand and develop expertise in our business units.

If you are looking for a future in a lively, highly-motivated team, please send us your CV.

>> We value our customers and work together with mutual respect in order to successfully manage projects.

>> We offer interested candidates an insight into the world of consultancy and design straightforward application processes.

>> We welcome new staff and career changers and make sure they are well-prepared for their first project.

>> We support ongoing learning and development processes on both a professional and personal level.

>> We invest both time and energy in finding suitable projects to ensure our staff develop and reach their career objectives.

>> We successfully balance the challenging conditions of project management by using flexible working and organisational methods.

>> We encourage harmony between professional and private life in different phases in employees’ career paths to offer a long-term perspective for the role of a consultant.

>> We offer attractive, performance-related salaries together with a range of additional benefits.

>> We behave in a socially acceptable and responsible manner and our engagement goes beyond our consulting business.