Legal Advice

B&H Law

Collective employment law is core to our business where we focus on operational change and staff restructuring measures.  We also cover corporate and social law.


Successful advice does not only depend on knowledge of the law; a good business head, empathy and negotiating skills also play a very important role. We have many years’ invaluable experience gained from different industries. We use this to our clients’ advantage in the areas of counselling, out-of-court dispute resolution and if unavoidable, in court. We aim to give our clients practical, sustainable and financially viable solutions.

Collective Employment Law

We support our clients in all areas. They decide whether we remain in the background or work as part of their negotiation team. We represent clients on arbitration boards and in labour law courts.  We also develop strategically reliable and realistic solutions for them.

Working together – Operational Changes

We work through corporate change processes with our clients. We advise and help shape the development and subsequent implementation of restructuring and accompanying HR measures. Where necessary we carry out staff restructuring programmes, site closures and relocations, taking into account all relevant social plans and HR issues.


By working closely with our Group divisions and additional experts, our clients always have access to a wide range of legal, tax and corporate expertise.