Placement Counselling

Creating goal-oriented, socially responsible new career opportunities

Companies need to react constantly to new challenges and adapt to circumstances. Demands on the workforce get more complex and some employees are not able to develop in the way required.

We have developed a comprehensive plan for those employees who need to find an alternative career path. Innovative tools are used to fulfil their needs.

The placement services offered by B&H are tailored to the individual needs of the specific groups. Our advice to specialists, managers and executives is by nature on equal terms, transparent, well-planned and goal-oriented.

We accompany employees throughout the whole process – from understanding the separation procedure, through an examination of their skills and potential to developing new goals and self-marketing skills culminating in a new, successful career.

New Perspectives

What is the best way to redesign a new, successful business career?

Our expert team will advise, assist and motivate staff in the change process, specifically with the active search and discovery of new challenges.

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Best Agers

What is the best and most successful way forward for 50+ employees?

We have developed a special plan taking into account HR, placement, employment and psychological aspects for this group.

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Successful self-employment

What are the important factors for an entrepreneur?

Our experienced start-up consultants and experts from professional organisations coach aspirers towards their goals.

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