HR Evolution:
B&H at the HR Conference in Berlin 29/30 June 2018

The annual conference of The Federal Association of Personnel Managers (BPM) is the largest event in the area of HR management in German-speaking countries.

The B&H Group was present with Dr. Andrzejewski as their Guest Speaker. He spoke about “Best Practice Separation Culture” and its benefits in the HR arena. This led to a panel discussion, giving HR Managers the opportunity to participate.

Around 100 HR professionals shared their success stories in a range of sessions and answered delegates’ questions. In addition to providing new driving forces for the industry, the conference gave those present plenty of opportunities to connect with their fellow delegates. Key facts from the conference:-

  • 1500 participants from German-speaking countries
  • Over 100 speakers of varying nationalities
  • Over 100 sessions in 12 different formats
  • Over 16 hours’ powerful know-how shared
  • A great networking event at the HR night