Review HR Conference 2017

B&H at the Federal Association of Personnel Managers Conference (BPM) in Berlin 29/30June 2017

The theme of the HR Conference 2017 was the same as in 2016 – i.e. the 4 P’s.  Performance (development through excelling), Purpose (development through values), Progress (development through digitalisation) and People (development through cooperation). The B&H Group was represented again.  The rain in Berlin did not affect the mood of the delegates – even though some of them were on the damp side – not from the rain but from their highly-motivated discussions on the future of HR!  Our stand became the meeting point for a lot of HR colleagues seeking advice from our experts. The topics of demographic change and Digitalisation 4.0 were also themes for intense discussion.

A secure transition into early retirement was also a key subject for debate. The classic routes including partial retirement are declining (due to complexities, potential malfunctions and pension provisions). An alternative trendsetter is the one-off payment on leaving the company, linked to a guaranteed net rate for the months/years to be bridged until the earliest possible retirement date. We have tangible evidence that this format is much better accepted as affected employees lay more emphasis on their work life balance.