The Conference – Before and After.

The 2018 annual conference of the Federal Association of Personnel Managers (BPM) with its theme “Navigating the Future”, had three phases. The B&H Group, as always an active participant and premium sponsor of the conference, had a specific mission in Berlin.  It was to illustrate an expedition into the future - a journey to Mars – departing into a new world of working, organisational structures, leadership models and principles…..

B&H also introduced its “Fiftys4Future” Plan – a goal-oriented transfer of knowledge to assist companies, management and employees move forward.

The conference had a strong emphasis on digitalisation and interaction and brought all visitors together in the first phase for a so-called “fishbowl discussion”. This was an entirely new concept for the conference which culminated in the third phase with the presentation of solutions to topics discussed in the earlier phases. 

The long-running themes of personnel and demographic changes are always key issues. B&H, as a sought-after expert in the area, showcased its new ideas.

A highlight of the conference was the link to the Re:publica exhibition, which was running concurrently ( This gave HR Managers the opportunity to see how the future workplace might look.  B&H is taking part in this initiative and will continue to assist companies and employees navigate the future through tried and tested models.