The Four P’s for Personnel
Performance, Purpose, Progress & People.

B&H at the HR Management Conference, Berlin 30/6 – 1/7/2016

Organised by the Federal Association of Personnel Managers (BPM), the main theme of the HR Management Conference in Berlin was the topic of the Four P’s: Performance, Purpose, Progress & People. The B&H Group was present for the first time with a stand where they had the opportunity to get together with long-standing HR colleagues. There were serious debates about how companies could reach their goals in order to remain competitive. The topic of demographic development was also discussed – the fact that some employees neither can nor wish to keep up with a quicker, more digital and more complex working environment.

In this case, companies need innovative and flexible early retirement solutions that offer a safe transition into retirement, whilst allowing the company to develop existing staff or take on new members. Those employees suitable for early retirement are aged around 55 and a larger number of them than previously expected are open to this possibility. It is important for both parties that not only are attractive incentives offered but – in conjunction with an independent third party – they are also transparent and can be converted into monetary figures. Only then will the employee’s confidence grow so that consideration of an early retirement and trust in the scheme becomes possible.

There were also open and controversial discussions about demographic development, given the recent reference to “Retirement at 70”. This will mean companies will hold onto their specialist/management staff for longer.  It is a potential nightmare for HR development staff as younger employees would have to wait much longer to move up the ladder. It could lead to a higher turnover of staff as they would risk losing those they had gained through the 4 P’s. The B&H Group can offer substantial assistance for both the employer and employee in this area.