Opportunities for Best Agers – “Fiftys4Future”

This group of employees needs a different approach to classic horizontal/vertical repositioning. By using the Blue Ocean Coaching Method, we look at alternative ways to find new opportunities.

We have developed a plan of action from the perspective of HR staff, psychologists, placement and recruitment specialists to find solutions to meet the special needs of this group.

This approach takes into account the employee’s need for security and examines – with targeted methodology - skills, potential and motivational levels which may have remained hidden in the past.

The Blue Ocean Coaching method is goal-oriented and comprehensive and strengthens where self-confidence may be low. It achieves the objective of ensuring that the candidate has the confidence to work through the change process.

Fiftys4Future understands and supports this group’s desire for a new vision and challenge. It gives them the ability to alleviate any physical and psychological issues and move forward.

This comprehensive advice and support service combined with our networking capabilities lead to individualised solutions – sometimes in completely new directions.