• Know how makes a real difference | Success factors for planning a fair and socially responsible staff restructuring programme. | https://www.bertschat-hundertmark.de/english/human-resource-management/fair-restructuring.html
  • Clearly defined severance packages | A range of tried and tested formulae to improve both employer and employee satisfaction levels. | https://www.bertschat-hundertmark.de/english/human-resource-management/fair-restructuring/tools-und-methodology.html
  • Know how makes a real difference | Success factors for planning a fair and socially responsible staff restructuring programme. | https://www.bertschat-hundertmark.de/english/human-resource-management/placement/bundh-garantieplacement.html


Successful Restructuring

Getting it Right.

Bertschat & Hundertmark Group is a specialist provider of fair and conflict-free restructuring programmes.  These processes are always an emotive issue, linked to a range of uncertaincies.  The B&H team members support all concerned parties in this difficult process as a neutral and independent mediator. 

Our experts develop programmes to ensure a socially responsible and equitable parting for both employer and employee.

Demographic and health studies, outplacement and recruitment service, backed by our Know How and IT experience, lead to a successful conclusion.

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    A tailor-made programme.

    Bertschat & Hundertmark has developed a range of tools in order to offer a comprehensive service.  We coach management in the art of negotiating equitable partings and we support employees in a neutral and independent manner, thus avoiding conflict.

    • We evaluate severance, pro rata payments and additional employer offers.
    • We involve tax and pension experts.
    • We provide lawyers on request for their expertise in legal employment issues.

    Our Know How leads to an equitable, conflict free restructuring programme.

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    The success of an placement service depends on an in-depth analysis of the employees‘ needs.

    Bertschat & Hundertmark’s offer is based on the requirements of the target groups.  Our advice for specialists, middle and senior management is systematic and goal-oriented.  Our consultants work on alternative career paths, investigate start-up opportunities or help set up disability pensions where appropriate.

    Our clients are able to discuss specific matters with our experts in this area.

    Monika Kern-Brandt
    Managing Director B&H Placement Services GmbH
    Fon +49 (0) 6032 92670 24

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    Demographics & Strategy Development

    Age has a major effect on the HR structure of a company.  This is demonstrated by a higher number of older workers, which it turn may lead to increased long-term sickness and disability.

    The HR Department must be prepared.  Studies show that the physical ability of workers declines with age. However, this is counter-balanced by their industry knowledge, social skills and experience.

    It is crucial to develop solutions so that the organisation continues to benefit from employees‘ expertise until their retirement.  The objective must be to keep these employees in the system by developing appropriate schemes to enhance their performance and flexibility.

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