Health Management Audit

Examining Strenghts and Weaknesses

The B&H Audit enables companies to explore their strengths and weaknesses in terms of good practise and to take concrete measures to keep themselves on top form.

Surveys and interviews will reveal information including:

  • The need to take steps to improve the company’s position with reference to demographics, skilled staff shortages, the threat from competitors, the need to innovate, the raising of the retirement age, etc.
  • Sicknesses caused by a range of factors including leadership issues, job design, workload structure, etc.
  • The breakdown, frequency and duration of absenteeism across age/profession and other categories.
  • The nature of the sicknesses.

The results of this analysis will be used to determine a suitable programme.

The B&H Group offers employers and HR Managers this audit and monitoring system so that they can react promptly to changes and maintain a sustainable and healthy work environment.


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