On equal Footing

Top executives often perceive a job loss as a huge set-back in their careers. Decisions to terminate a position at this level are often politically influenced and distributions of power clearly play a role. This can lead to further uncertainty for the executive.

The Bertschat & Hundertmark group’s top executive placement focuses on the specific needs of this group. 

This placement provides not only specific tools for the next steps but also examines the events that led to the loss of the position. It compares the executive’s  self-image with the image others have of him or her. There are often too few unbiased contacts in the executive’s work or social environment, making the consultant an important sounding board and partner for dialogue.

  • 1. Getting to know each other

    Establishing a personal relationship leads to trust and joint cooperation.

  • 2. Defining objectives

    A comprehensive analysis of the candidate’s current situation and career aspirations combined with forward planning form the basis of a successful re-alignment.

  • 3. Positioning and self-promotion

    A range of strategies are used to search for new opportunities. We rely on our network and considerable industry Know How. Our candidate’s ability to promote him/herself plays a crucial role at this stage.


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