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The complexity and increasing number of tax regulations leads to the need for comprehensive advice in all aspects of business. These also apply to staff restructuring programmes.

Both employers and employees can benefit from the services offered by our partner, A&H Finance Tax Consultants, who has developed a range of tools to analyse and implement relevant schemes.

Employer Services

  • Training Courses – Tax Law for the HR Business Partner.
  • Advice and support on tax issues relating to fair restructuring and the analysis and creation of relevant tax schemes.

Employee Services

  • Tax optimisation and evaluation of offers from financial services organisations.
  • Personal advice for employees and their spouses (previews of income tax returns, situation overview).
  • The legal implications of pension and lump sum payments.
  • Tax advice and preparation of forecasts.
  • Tax advice for start-ups and the self-employed.


A & H Finance Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH

Vardis Anezakis
Tax Consultant
Fon +49 (0)6035 709810

Christian Hoffmann
Auditor and Tax Consultant
Fon +49 (0)6221 7511627



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